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We are super excited to be opening
our own venue!

It's a Private Member's Club so annual membership is available via

It's a one off payment of £25 per person per year and then events will be ticketed - the first K&Q at this new venue will be 30th September 2017!

We also have a Crowdfunder campaign going at the moment to help us do somethings that we can't do ourselves and you can view that here

Thank you for all your support - we'll see you soon!

Single ticket to K&Q's 'Lucky 7' Burlesque and Boogie
Single Ticket to K&Q's 'Lucky 7' Burlesque & Boogie - 30/09/2017
At The Lucky 7 Club Paignton
Private member's club - no entry to non member's
Price: £10.00